How to Request Your Medical Records

eClinicMD Privacy Policy

eClinicMD is unequivocal about maintaining patient privacy.

To practice medicine, we must maintain personal medical records on every patient.  Without this information, we cannot participate in your medical care.  Moreover, maintaining this information protects our patients from fraud or other unlawful use of information regarding their identity.  In addition to this identification and medical information, we must maintain certain administrative information, such as credit card billing data, in order to provide services.

However, we never share this information with anyone else unless you explicitly tell us to do so.  Usually, this only occurs when you ask us to process additional medical services such as prescription fulfillment on your behalf, or if you are participating in our medical research program.  To communicate with other licensed medical professionals regarding your care - consulting with your primary care manager, for example - we will share patient information necessary to allow us to meet our medical obligations. Such exchanges are solely for the purpose of professional medical practice. Although we may share non-personal, summary, or aggregate patient data in our medical research, you cannot be individually identified in any way in such data.  Otherwise, we do not give, sell, rent, or loan any information to anyone else unless we are legally required to do so. 

We do not collect information on you from our web site other than the medically and administratively necessary information described above.

We do not market by telephone or e-mail.  We only use your telephone number or e-mail address to communicate directly with you about services you have requested of us.

We do not enter into any agreements with anyone to send promotional e-mails or make promotional telephone calls on our behalf to anyone, nor do we do so ourselves. 

When you use our site, your identifying, medical, and administrative information are encrypted using SSL encryption technology before being sent over the internet.  You information is then stored in encrypted form.

Your Comments

We welcome your feedback. If you have questions or comments about our privacy policies, please contact us for more information.