eClinicMD Doctor

Physicians/Care Providers

eClinicMD provides an efficient and easy-to-use patient management system that offers physicians and other providers a means of having a more flexible schedule with more efficient scheduling; more accessibility and stronger relationship with patients; increased productivity and more efficient use of resources; and a way to grow your practice.

Our secure online network provides care providers, laboratories, pharmacies, and administrative staff with a method of sharing information and more effectively communicating about patient care.


Features Offered to Our Network Physicians


  • Patient management software that helps physicians communicate directly with patients through in-person consults as well as secure email and telephone conversations.
  • Online scheduling software that is available anywhere that has an internet connection, creating flexibility for physicians. Physicians also enjoy the option of setting their own schedules.
  • Our secure online medical records program builds an archive of records for participating patients. This means that physicians have access to a patient's history, including prescriptions and lab results.
  • All billing and collections are managed by our administrative and billing services. Also, physicians are paid weekly on the patients they consult with. Therefore, NO waiting 30 - 60 days to get reimbursed for patient consultations.
  • By participating in our network, physicians can benefit from referrals of eClinicMD-affiliated patients.


Getting started with eClinicMD

To learn more about the services that eClinicMD can offer to our network physicians and care providers, please complete our form and an ECMD representative will contact you.