I think this is a great alternative to those who don't have great insurance. Also, for people believing you are in pain instead of blowing you off. You staff has been kind and informative. Thank you for making this an easy, healthy, happy, experience.

Jessica M., Michigan

"My overall experience with this service has been excellent. I am very happy with the medication that I have been prescribed, and the doctor is very compassionate, and take's the time to give me suggestions on top of the medicine for my pain issues. I am a very happy customer."

Sharon F., Washington


"My overall experience has been very good. I am impressed with the doctor and service. The proper medication is always prescribed. Thank you very much for your service."

Phil C., Texas


"Every thing went very well. I was prescribed the most effective medication. Thank you".

Tony L., Rhode Island


"I feel like I have a better relationship with my ECMD physician than the doctor who has been my primary care physician for 20+ years. He really asks me important questions and LISTENS to my responses. I am actually looking forward to my next visit with him."

Mary M. Massachusetts


"Being able to see a physician, who holds no judgment to a guy like me who has suffered w 5+ chronic pouchitis for 10yrs is great. Also a physician who doesn't over or under prescribe. The docs at Mt. Sainai had me on MASSIVE amounts of medicine. This isn't that at all. Thank him and thank you."

Gavin B. New York


"Your patient services professionalism and reliability is truly the best around."

One Happy Patient Stephen F. New York


"Experience was terrific. The Dr. was personable and we have started to structure a plan for PT in conjunction with my other treatments. I'm glad to say this Dr. doesn't just push just one option."

Brent S. California


"I have nothing but the highest regard for your service, especially the speed in your responses to e-mails. All Medicines are working very well."

Charles H California


"Thank you for suggesting Dr M. He was great! He took a lot of time with me and he made suggestions for alternative treatments for my headaches (and depression), a couple of which I hadn't heard of...and I've done a LOT of research. He also gave me a script for the medication I had been taking for the worst headaches (Hydrocodone/APAP 10/200), which I took to a compounding pharmacy near me and will be ready tomorrow. So the whole thing could not have gone any better. I was very pleased."

Marcia S. Mass.


"I am very happy with my doctor. He understands that my pain isn't just a figment of my imagination or just allergies as other doctors have said. He prescribes me exactly what I need to live a normal life & enjoy activities, like going to my nieces wedding this year in Utah! eClinicMD has always been very helpful when I have needed to contact them & you are an excellent company! I am very happy to have found people who are compassionate & don't treat me like I'm just a number. Thank you very much!"

Patricia V. California


"I have been very satisfied with EClinicMD and Dr. L."

Maureen O, Missouri


"As far as the medication goes, yes, I am very satisfied with the results. The Physician was very thorough and the prescription was called into the pharmacy in a timely manner. I find that the medication significantly helps my condition." "I have had a very positive experience with Dr. T. She has been very helpful with suggesting other forms of treatment and continually assessing the effectiveness of my current medications."

James B Pennsylvania


"Quite happy with my ECMD physician and the medication I was prescribed to treat my condition. Thank you."

Marni F California


"I'm pleased with the doctor, was prescribed meds, and was referred to a treatment plan that will help me get better in the long run!"

Jeff T Mass.


"I have been very impressed, by both you and the Dr. No problem with the website or inquiries when needed. Meds are working well & hope that continues to be the case. Thanks for all your updates."

Leslie G California


"I'm pleased with the doctors and the system."

Jon P. California



Therese B California


"Yes, I am very pleased with all aspects. I like Dr. B. and the EclinicMD staff has been friendly and courteous."

Larry S. California


"I am extremely happy with the physician as well as ecmd. The doctor prescribed the medication I require and follow up consults have been on time every 30 days.

Patricia A Michigan


"I have been very happy with Dr. T. When I saw here for my in person consultation she was very professional, kind, caring and very thorough. I was very pleased with the amount of time that she took to go over my condition and discuss her thoughts about it. I used to work in the medical field, as I am a licensed radiographer. That is how I got injured in the first place; by lifting patients that were way too heavy for me. And also doing it over and over again, until I ended up with this severe injury and life as I knew it no longer to be seen. I was more concerned in trying to get a good diagnostic xray of my sick patient in hopes of finding out what was wrong with them than my own well being which I am paying for now. But, my point is that I have been on both sides--- the patient side and the medical professional side--- and she is exactly the type of caring doctor that makes you feel as if you are in good hands. So overall, I am very happy with your services." "Thanks so much for your wonderful service. It has given me my life back, because now I am able to spend time with my children."

Darlene Pennsylvania


"I am very pleased with my new Doctor in Chicago. He also gives me enough medicine for my pain. He is very professional."

Susan A, Illinois


"Service is excellent. Medicine is most effective."

James S, Texas


"I have been very satisfied with her (my doctor) and your services. Dr. T. is very caring and knowledgeable. I am pleased with all aspects of your services and with the doctor."

Robin R. Pennsylvania


"Just wanted you to know I have been very happy with your service, and with Dr. B who is very helpful and professional. Definitely keep him on your staff. Even though you have MDs in Seattle now, I will continue to see him."

Trish W. Washington


"My overall experience has been excellent. Dr. B is the best, most thorough doctor I've been to in my 51 years!"

Andrea P Arizona


"Couldn't be happier. Doctor is great, responsive, and calls when he says he will. Have had a couple of bumps in my payment process, but you folks have figured that out as well - so all in all, a good experience."

Arne C Washington


"I really am pleased so far with the service. I like Dr. M. very much and he prescribed the medication I have been using and that works well for me. I used another service before, and really disliked the Dr. so am happy to have changed. Thank you."

Ellen M Rhode Island


"Yes, Dr. M. is a great physician and he takes the time to talk to me about my overall plan and expectations. I have been prescribed medication that helps me enjoy life more through reduced pain."

Mark M Texas


"Everything is fine. The medication works and I am happy with the physician. The customer service has always been great, and I have always received a response anytime I have had a question about anything."

Ashley H Alabama


"Your service is wonderful and I love Dr. T."

Kim T Pennsylvania


"The doctor as well as your staff has taken excellent care of me and I plan on continuing utilizing ecmd. Thanks."

Wess C Alabama


"My experience has been excellent overall. Dr. B. is the most human and compassionate doctor, as well as being extremely knowledgeable and professional."

Linda B California


"I have had an excellent experience with Dr. B. He has been very understanding, takes his time and listens to me very carefully. During the examinations he is very thorough. The medication he prescribes for me works just fine and he is always recommending alternatives to make sure his patients know what is available to them." Thanks

Joe M. Arizona


"I have been with living with Fibromyalgia and severe migraines for many years. I went from Doctor to Doctor to figure out how to treat me properly and alleviate the pain I was in. I was in bed for a year and could not take care of my children, husband, work or exercise. I had run the gambit of medications and at one point was on minimum 13 prescriptions. No one would listen and the countless of wasted hours in the doctor’s office was ridiculous. Finally I tried eclinicmd. I have been with them for a year. My Doctor is the best. Caring and understanding. I dumped all medications except one for pain. Now I am currently out of bed, taking care of the children, being a great wife again and even taking up a hobby. Believe it or not Jujitsu. I can also be social and responsible. I have friends again and can be counted upon. Most of all I feel mentally great and in charge. Thank you eclinicmd for giving me my life back and being there when I thought that I had no other options or alternatives."

Janice S., New Jersey