• No waiting in crowded waiting rooms for follow up consultations.
  • Telephone access to treat your condition allows you to visit with your doctor in the comfort of your home or office.
  • No taking time off work to go to your doctor's office.




  • Patients have access to qualified physicians outside of his/her geographic location, even in rural areas.
  • Physicians have access to each patient's online, secure medical information from anywhere in the world, as long as there is Internet access. If a patient experiences an adverse reaction to their medication, or any other emergency, eClinicMD physicians are able to access this patient's records to assist in determining the cause and possible solution to the problem.
  • Patients have access to his/her online, secure account from anywhere there is Internet connectivity. Patients can then, schedule consultations, print/view medical records including prescription history, and update medical information.


Less Expensive


  • Priced at $285 for initial consultations and $165 for follow up consultations, eClinicMD prices are less expensive than traditional physicians' offices that specialize in pain treatment.
  • In today's world, time is money. eClinicMD's patients save significant time and potentially money by not having to take off work every month to visit the doctor's office. Patients in rural areas no longer have to drive long distances to visit their pain specialist. This saves significant time and money while increasing your quality of life to spend that time in other, productive areas, such as work and family.




  • eClinicMD prides itself in providing the best specialists with the highest board certified physicians, licenses in your state. Our current network physician's qualifications include, but not limited to:
            • Board Certified Physicians trained in Emergency Medicine
            • Adjunct Associate Professors of Clinical Medicine
            • Board Certified Anesthesiologists
            • Interventional Pain Speciliasts
  • eClinicMD physicians use your health information to review your history before consulting with you to ensure the proper time is effectively managed to treat your condition during your consults. After the consult, he or she updates your health information to ensure your health record is always current.




  • eClinicMD takes HIPAA privacy very seriously and has the safeguards in place to ensure that all patient information is protected at all times.
  • All data transmitted and accessed online through the eClinicMD practice management platform is secured through Secure Socket Layers (SSL) and 128-bit encryption.
  • Many patients prefer to keep their condition private. By not going to the doctor's office on a monthly basis, you eliminate the chance of running into someone you know in the waiting room by having your consults in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • eClinicMD's prescriptions and treatment plans do not enter a national database compiled by major insurance carriers. Therefore, if you want to change insurance companies, the privacy of your pain condition will not be compromised as a pre-existing condition. An example would be if you get hired for a new job and your new employer's insurance company reviews your previous insurance claim history. Not having this history tagged to your permanent profile could be the difference of getting that new job.