Getting started with eClinicMD

eClinicMD's aim is to increase the speed and effectiveness of communication between patients and their providers of non-urgent medical care: physicians, pharmacists, and other health care providers. We hope this experience will be as simple to understand as possible.


Patient Registration

To get started with eClinicMD, first complete our Online Registration Form, which covers basic information such as name, address, and contact information. The next step is to create a username and secure password. After these steps are completed, a confirmation email will be sent along with any additional steps needed to complete the registration.


Creating a Personal Health Record (PHR)

Once you are registered with eClinicMD, our website will guide you through the steps to complete your personal health record (PHR). This includes such things as your patient self-assessment, an archive of physicians' records, prescriptions and lab reports. The process of setting up your PHR is easy to follow, thanks to the helpful prompts on the website.


Selecting a Doctor

The next step in beginning your care with eClinicMD is to select a physician in your area who can complete your initial assessment. eClinicMD's physician network spans the country and includes many medical specialties. If there is not a doctor in your area, please let us know what area you wish there was a physician. eClinicMD is constantly adding physicians to our network and your information will assist us in adding a physician in your specific area.


Why an in-person consultation?

A recent Congressional act requires that a physician must first meet in person with and conduct an examination of a patient he or she is treating or for whom he or she is prescribing a DEA controlled substance, such as pain medications. Regulations also require that patients must see their prescribing physicians at least once a year. Once you have chosen a eClinicMD-participating physician, you can request an in-person consultation with him or her. Participating physicians are required to see patients in-office for a complete evaluation and physical exam before any consultation via telephone or email can occur. Appointments scheduled through eClinicMD are limited to non-urgent health care. If emergency medical care is required, please dial 911.


Follow-Up Care

After an initial in-person examination by a physician, follow-up care can be requested via the eClinicMD website. Follow-up consultations can take the form of secure email or telephone conversations. Simply access your account online and request a physician consultation.


Easy to Understand Billing

There is no membership fee to join eClinicMD. Patients are made aware of any charges well in advance of scheduling services. Simply pay as you go! The initial consultation fee for the in person examination is $285. Follow up Tele-Health consults are $165.00.


Get Started Today!

Why not fill out the membership form today? There is no charge to do so, and you can get your account started, and begin to compile your Personal Health Record. Click Here to Get started!