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"My overall experience with this service has been excellent. I am very happy with the medication that I have been prescribed, and the doctor is very compassionate, and take's the time to give me suggestions on top of the medicine for my pain issues. I am a very happy customer."

- Sharon F. Washington

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What Can Our Chicago Pain Management Network Do For You?

  1. Provide you with a qualified pain management physician in Chicago from our national network of doctors.
  2. Maintain an electronic medical record of your pain management treatment.
  3. Manage your follow-up care for you and your physician though effective and efficient telemedicine via the eClinicMD platform
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Our Philosophy

eClinicMD.comWe believe your life doesn't have to be interrupted every month in order to receive the care you need in the greater Chicago, IL area. The eClinicMD process is simple. After an initial consultation with your eClinicMD doctor, you have immediate 24/7 access to your doctor for telephone and/or e-mail consultations. Your follow up care is performed through telemedicine (video conference or telephone consultations). Think about that for a minute. No sitting in a waiting room, no long trips in heavy traffic to the doctor's office; no more time off from work. You are able to interact with your physician from the comfort of your home.

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Getting Started - What to Expect from Us

What to expect from eClinicMD.comeClinicMD can help treat your common health problems with accessible physicians and health care providers in Chicago who can respond to your concerns quickly, via secure email or phone. If necessary, we can schedule you an in-person appointment with a health care provider in your area.

The first step is to choose a Chicago pain physician from our network. After an initial in-person office visit to meet your doctor and fill out required paperwork, most common health concerns can be addressed via secure email or with a private telephone consult. The secure eClinicMD website safeguards your records and allows you to communicate directly with your care provider. Also, you will receive reminders when follow-up consultations are required. The site also allows you to schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and manage your health information file.

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Our Network Specializes in Pain Treatment for Chicago, IL
by Providing Access to...

  • Doctors Who Specialize in Chronic Pain & Identifying the Cause of Pain
  • Back Pain / Lower Back Pain Doctors, Physicians & Specialists
  • Shoulder Pain Doctor, Physicians & Specialists
  • Neck Pain Doctors, Physicians & Specialists
  • Knee, Hip, Foot & Leg Pain Doctors, Physicians & Specialists
  • Stomach & Abdominal Pain Doctors, Physicians & Specialists
  • Joint Pain Doctors, Physicians, & Specialists

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Getting the Most from a Chicago, IL Pain Specialist

Whether you have visited a Chicago pain clinic, a specialist, or have already tried a pain physician the value of your visit is partially dependent on the conversation you have with the pain specialist who is trying to evaluate your condition. It's important to discuss with your pain clinic physician, or pain management doctor your lifestyle in Chicago, particularly any activities that might negatively impact the healing process or be the root cause of pain. In regards to medication always inquire about the side effects of your pain treatment, and how you know if the pain treatment program is working. The more information you can provide to the doctor about your medical history the better, this will help them prepare a pain management solution that is right for you. Honesty, and establishing expectations will help with promote a positive doctor patient relationship.